Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exam Woes

Its been a long time since i posted something.Well, its because i never had much to write about. Still,i'd rather say i had a really busy sem and some projects going on .So i made up my mind to update the blog only in the holidays.But right now,I have End Sem Exams.

I have two courses this sem which are hell boring and have huge material of about 1500 slides .I had the endsem of one of these courses last week.The exam had multiple choice questions asked only from slides.
Peaceful you'd say.But i hate it cause of two reasons
You need to go through huge amount of really boring matter which gets you to sleep.
Your laptop (along with all the movies lan has to offer) is on.

So naturally,unable to resist the temptation, I watched all the available seasons of The Big Bang Theory ,Re watched friends,read novels(I have a great collection)and surfed arbit websites while reading the slides.

Ultimately I had to put a night-out before the first of the endsems to finish all the slides .Even then I couldn't finish the material and hoped I can get through by guessing the answers from the choices given.
But then,The night out left me really drowsy and I couldnt even read the questions let alone answer them.I screwed it up.If only i hadn't wasted time and read the slides better...

And why did i update this today of all the days?
Cause my second exam is tomorrow and old habits die hard !!!