Friday, September 14, 2012

The little things

There are these little things in your life,which some are habituated to since birth and some are unlucky to never do it.Then for others, there will always be a first time,when you feel like you have conquered the world. 

It must have been amazing to stand up on your feet and walk for the first time.But however hard I try,I cant remember.I remember the time when I looked back from my cycle and saw my dad far away.To realize I could cycle was awesome.Thought I have been cycling for years now,I havent felt the same as my first ride.You must also have lots of similar experiences.Probably your first blood donation,first bike ride,overcoming your small fears,stuff like that .Little things.Normal things.Recently,I had one.
I was ,for the first time in my life,Up in the air.

I was going to Bristol to participate in a competition.Though it was my first flight,I had no time to comprehend it as I was busy with all the other work regarding the competition.So I had no clue what to expect and no idea what to do once I got into the plane.Realizing this,The friends I was travelling had their share of fun trying to scare me ,advise me and distract me.Before long,It was time to get into the plane.On first sight,It looked big enough,though a bit smaller than I imagined.Thanks to my friends,I got a window seat and settled.

The plane started moving ,initially backwards and then forward at some speed.It went from the terminal to the runway.The movement itself was exciting.Then began the most awesome 5 minutes ever.First was the sensation of the insane acceleration of the plane shooting down the runway.Then the amazing view of the landscape moving back at high speed.Before I could comprehend what exactly happened,I saw the world tilt and then we were in the air.Nothing could probably express the way I felt that time.I saw chennai city in lights fell in love with the city ,which I used to hate the most.For the next hour or so ,I spent the time closer to heavens than I had ever been (well, even literally).

Since this flight,I have been on four different flights.Each has been a new experience.The next one has been a really huge flight with a landing in Heathrow.The one after,we had a view of London in lights and the last one was a trip in business class.So each was more exciting than the previous and I had great fun.But then I noticed that for most people,It is not such a big deal.While I was at the window seat waiting in anticipation,most of my passengers were either watching movies or snoring off.
I feel I am lucky to have flown when I could appreciate the experience.I would have missed a lot if I was regular to flying since a kid.Even now ,the anticipation and excitement I had on the first flight was not there while I was on my way back.

So my advice to people?You need not conquer the world to feel special.It is these little things in life that make it more interesting.So just keep looking out and enjoy every moment as it comes by.And what do I do?I hope I have a chance to fly a lot in the coming years and I still have the same anticipation and excitement of flying for the first time.
Now thats not easy .Isn't it?