Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Atheism Vs Theism

I am an atheist.There is nothing new in that.Because of it,I am generally pestered and in some cases threatened by my theist friends.Nothing new in that too.So here is an analysis which I came up with which actually shows that Its better being an atheist than a theist.It goes on like this.

Now,God can either exist or not.So lets assume that there is a 50% probability for both.So if you are an Atheist,You are right half the time.Lets assume you are wrong.There are again two possibilities:

Lets say you live your life in a good way,helping people  all the time while being an atheist.You then knock on the doors of heaven(which you didn't believe existed).Then according to everyone's belief of god,you will be allowed in.So you don't lose anything by not praying.So you still have a neutral 25% chance where you don't lose out because of your belief.

Now ,for the last possibility, lets say God is particular about praying and believing in him.He says"I wont let you in even if you were an angel down on earth only because you didn't believe in me".This is like a form of corruption which our politicians and landlords are famous for.You actually don't respect these guys.Its like you are forced into praying to get advantages which goes against all the theist preaching.I would not pray to someone like that even if they existed, cause it doesn't feel right.Admit it,you pray to someone whom you feel is righteous in every way.So what theists believe is not what exists.So you are right when you say u don't believe what they believe.

So that makes it a complete advantage to atheists.What say??

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