Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Song Strain

I have recently come to Hyderabad for my intern. For that I am staying at my uncles house,and am having an amazing time here.

Now at my uncles place,they have this habit of switching on the radio while going to sleep and hear the songs in the darkness of the night. It has a whole different feel to it. But it is generally preceded with an argument between my uncle and cousin over which channel to switch to.
While my uncle prefers old classics, my cousin wants new songs. My uncle feels the new songs have more noise in them and don't have the same magic as the old ones. Its a never ending argument (and someone always gets grumpy ;-)

This issue is not something new. I have seen similar instances in lots of places. Why is it that adults have a completely different taste from the present youth? Do we really have a widening generation gap as the Americans fear? Or the infuse of western culture our purists often loathe?  

I actually don't think the issue is because of the above reasons. I think its a problem all the generations have.
Let me explain. The most favorite songs you must have heard must have been from your childhood days,teens or early adulthood. This is the age when you generally perceive the world outside as colourful and have a lot of positive energy. Now when you hear a good song,you can related to the song , the movie and your  world making it favorite. Now once you start waking up to the harsh realities gradually , u might loose interest as do not feel connected to the song and in defense start finding faults with it.

Now when you are sufficiently old, the occasional old song which you liked ,reminds you of your younger age,the time when everything was great , where there were no worries and where you would love to be again. You could connect to it as you did when you were young and relive it again.

Maybe once the present kids turn over 40, they start fighting with their kids over the same debate and   this again has nothing to do with the music people are making then.

So when you are having the argument sometime(u ll inevtably have a similar argument taking one side or the other)remember, If you are the adult these are the same kind of feelings you had when you were younger and if you are the younger one, It nice to go back in time and remember those good memoirs and give your parents that chance. They do lots of stuff for you.

So who s side do I take now? Actually,I snore off in the peaceful night unperturbed by all these arguments.:-)

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