Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everything ends well :-)

It has been 3 years since I came to the institute.I have had lots of dreams about my life here of which,some are fulfilled and most are not.After coming here and getting acquainted with the life here,I came up with more aspirations,which were more short term and were related to my life in the institute.

I could get some of them..which was not a big issue as all you needed was some hard work and effort.I was a part of the robotics team I wanted ,I made some cool electronic stuff and all.But,more interesting were the goals I set in the institute and couldn't achieve.Because every rejection had its role in making my institute life better and gave me the identity.

The first one was in my first year.At that point of time,I thought (like all others)that cordships were very important .I was just done as a volunteer for Robocon and was of the opinion that I had a very good knowledge of all the technical events (and specially all the required contacts).I applied for a new event and was well prepared for the interview.It went well but the cores were of the opinion that the event would not be such a good idea.Imagine my anger when a very similar event happened (to their credit,the event was held under a different department and these guys had no idea about it).I was a part of a project which was to be  displayed in the fest.I was worried that my contribution is very minimal.But that turned out to be one of the best times I ever had at the institute.I volunteered to work with some students on some interesting mini projects and out of nowhere,I was working with people who I always looked up to.I was suddenly in a league with all the best people in Tech in the institute and I learnt a lot from them.I'd say this was the point where I changed the way I looked at things.As for that event ,I ended up participating in it and made it to the newspapers because of it.(Not being proud here,just wanted to say it ended better than if I were a coord).

The next one happened in a semester which I consider the worst in my institute life.Anything that could go wrong did go wrong.First of all ,We couldn't make it past the quarterfinals in Robocon.I haven't worked harder for anything else and took it the hardest.My grades weren't anywhere close to what I wanted.Friends left the insti in ways I never imagined they would.It was during this semester that I stood up for an election.I wanted to be the Technical Affairs Secretary of the Hostel.I wanted to inspire freshies as my tas did for me.I wanted to bring nothing short of a revolution.For that,I stood up alone against a lot of people.But alas ,I wasn't meant to be.It hurt because in spite of being the most experienced and having worked like no other in the hostel,I couldn't win over people.It was during these days,a chance to be a part of the CFI core team appeared out of nowhere.I took it up because I wanted to do something worthwhile but had very little expectation.Little did I know that for the next one year,I would be a part of the best team ever formed to organize tech in the institute.I was on regular meeting terms with people ,who ,you would probably see only during important institute days.Needless to say,I have learnt a great deal from these people.I saw what it takes to be in a position and what it takes to take taunts from virtually everyone and still stand by what you believe.I experienced the amount of effort that takes to run an organization and the motivation required to silently bear  constant criticism and still keep your cool.For a bloke who just turned 18,it was an opportunity to gauge the challenges ahead and be prepared.It made me stronger,more than I could imagine I would be.
There were some people who tried their best to make sure I lost the election.I couldn't bear to tolerate them.But now it turns out they did me a great favor.

Another interesting incident happened exactly one year after the first one.It was also related to cord ships.This time it was the problem of plenty.There were two people who were literally fighting to get me into their teams.The first one as I listed his post as my first preference and the other as I am good at that event and it would be a loss if i didn't take it up.I felt I have proved my point to the people who rejected me the previous year.They realized my worth.But incidentally ,I took the post which I didn't list at all,because I felt it is better to work for someone who approaches you rather than the one whom you approach.

The last one happened very recently.I have applied for a post and failed to get it despite a lot of people rooting for me.I had really wanted to get this as this was the post once held by the person I admired the most in the institute .Nothing was more important to me than being looked upon as I looked up to him.What I failed to realize was,I don't need to be in the same post to be a similar person.Still,I applied for the post and didn't get it.Saying that this was a HUGE shock wouldn't still do justice to the way I felt.Though anything miraculous didn't happen till now,Im sure something is just around the corner. Because,If I don't get something I wanted,I realized I always got something better.I not only fared better,But also got to learn lots of stuff.I found out how to read people,I found out who really cared about me and who didn't,I learnt what true leadership is and what responsibility really means.
Most importantly I learnt how to deal with the hardest times in your life  and keep your cool through it.

Interestingly ,these past three years,I have never got what I wanted.But I have always got something I needed(or may need in the future).Maybe that is why its worth Hoping and Never Giving Up.

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